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MIXES 2007 PART 1 :

The year is almost finished ...time to get to posting some mixes i have really liked from this past year.

First up this week:

outta Chicago :



Grown Mix - Dj Zebo

Cymande – Brother's on the Slide (Ruff & Tuffy Mix)
Gary's Gang – Do it at the Disco
Gene Chandler – When You're Number 1
Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody
My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
Telex – Brainwash
*Secret Sample that was looped
Chromeo – Needy Girl
Michael Jackson – Rock with You
Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Eli & Diplo Disco Remix)
Stargard – Wear it Out
Karen Young – Hot Shot

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Oh Death

Any chance of a tracklisting?


on the way.


Anybody know where I can get an mp3 of...

Cymande – Brother's on the Slide (Ruff & Tuffy Mix)



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