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"I Wanna Talk"

It's Cold up here in Boston. In fact its' too damn cold. In light of this fact, I give you this song off Rick James' Street Songs ... i edited it and gave the song a few more bars in the intro as to mix it easier.

Below The Funk (Pass The Joint)

This excerpt (below) is from Tony Best's article on Street Songs in Wax Poetics. Id type the whole peice but, shit, pass the joint. - Kenny Bloggins

Oscar Alston (Bassist Stone City Band) :When you listen to the song, it's comical, because in the studio that would be a thing, you know. After a while, you were just sitting there listening to the music with a joint in your a daze. Then somebody would say, "Pass the joint!" That was one of the last songs that we did on Street Songs, so he could afford to stretch out. At that point Rick knew he had a hit album on his hands-not just a hit song here or there. He knew that the whole album was hot.

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sweet jeebus. you're SUCH a pothead these days!


mann. I dont even puff.


Chris introduced us all to this track in Australia and it had us rolling for days! It's hilarious... "I wanna talk, pass the joint." But, its also funky as hell and gets the party started in the club. I seriously cosign for this download.


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