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Guest Mixes: From our generous Friends.part 2

Live Boogie Disco Mix from:

prince classik Prince Klassen

Take it away Klayston...

""When Mr Devlin got at me about posting this mix up I was a bit surprised and amused that he and a few others were really feeling it. Back when I was still living in San Antonio (hometown baby baby!) I was apart of a collective known as the Diggin Deep Quartet. It started with JJ Lopez playing northern soul, modern soul, and heavy funk in the basement of a swanky bar downtown. He being a mentor of mine years back, I always had respect for him and his musical selections. His tastes started to mature a bit and started moving into more of a disco sound, as did mine. We both had a large background in House music and culture, so the step was a logical one to take. Soon after, we discovered a slower, deeper sound that the english like to call boogie. The sound was derived from a disco backlash, hip hop, r&b and other new experiments in musical instrumentation. I have been inspired by New Yorks melting pot of cultures since I could remember, and this was no different. The time period I constantly look on the back of records range from 79-84, those are my years. If any of those years are on there with some bad looking cover, chances are you got some serious heat. I mean it makes sense, I was born in 83. The year hip hop went from being disco to "hip hop", the Misfits broke up, and Thriller became the best selling record of all time. You do the math. Oh wait, this had nothing to do with the mix... we made this in the basement of said swanky bar, Davenport (RIP), all live, all vinyl."

Live @ the Davenport 2005 JJ Lopez & Prince Klassen


Prince Klassen Post Script :" I will be posting a rant on fullyfitted soon enough about serato djs (which I am on) and cry baby vinyl djs (which I am on as well) for ten effing years mind you."

Tracklist (revised for zip file):

1. ain't no thing but a chickin' wing danglin' from my dingaling' knaw mean? Mang?
2. the strikers - body music (instrumental)
3. Get into the beat - Get into the beat
4. archie bell - any time is right
5. starpoint - don't leave me
6. big mouth band - the box
7. search "like the way you funk with me" philly world (Klassen's fav!)
8. crown heights affair - body and soul
9. change -  a lovers holiday
10. gonzalez - i want to (get close to you)
11. melba moore - love me right
12. nona hendryx - b-boys
13. melba moore - one more time
14. daniel wang - pistol oderso
15. the sunburst band - here comes the sunburst band
16. the love rapper - the lover's rap
17.lee moore - do you feel like a party

Comments for this entry

Pase Rock

this mix is so ill. been listening to it for 2 days... go Klayssen...gget busy....


From the "Diggin Deep Quartet" to the "Diggin Deep Posse"... Yeah baby!

Also, I can't wait until this future "rant" by Klayston P.


holy disco jesus. these guys can dig'em. most the funk/soul/disco mixes i grab are so cluttered with junk tunes, poor sequencing, etc... edutainment on this one. respect.


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