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The Joys of Unconventional Employment.

You can do shit like:

buy good food, and listen to the news on the radio while making breakfast:

Break 1

break 2

Pancakes bitches.

break 3

Draw yourself a flyer:

original 1

Hang out at Kinko's for a couple hours making Posters:

kinkos 1


Touch up some old sketches:

sketch book 2
sketch book 4

Work on some new ones:

sketch book 1

new drawing

Put music together :

live at home

"live at home, like Richy Pitch " part 1 ... coming soon.

Make yourself lunch :

lunch 1

Go get caffine and repeat in any order....

add controlled substances if you like.

Get mad when your pictures get cropped real shitty...stupid blog.

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Pase Rock

sooooo awesome. I wanna live like you Mr. Devlin.


where do I send my resume?


you rock chris devlin!


that was a good instructional post. my unconventional days are all commenting blogs and inventing ways not to go outside, like pretending cereal is equally good for all meals.


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