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I walked by Starbucks today and saw this lady cold lampin'.
dead lady through glass

I couldn't tell if she was dead or just sleeping?
So I went in for a closer look... Dead!
dead lady @ starbucks

Later, I ate here just for fun.
white castle

Its good, but it ain't got shit on Anne's Dairy Creme in Glen Burnie!
anne's dair-creme

Made me a King Geedorah during a recent flight.
king ghedorah

Found this walking home from XXXchange's crib a while back.
air cock

I bought these joke glasses in Atlanta during Halloween.
They just so happen to make everyone look like David Cross
david cross glasses

This midget looked exactly like MIA... if she were a midget.
mini MIA

Chris & I DJ'd in the Hall of (North American) Mammals at the American Museum of Natural History last year.
natural history museum NYC 2

Museum of Natural History NYC

Super drunk Naeem's late night reciept in London.
Young Hanks reciept

I DJ'd a solo gig at the Getty Museum in LA and this was the view. [Download the 30 minute live mix here]
getty garden

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a FREE mix.

Darko....go to bed you loosing your mind!!

awesome flicks.


those seals look a little/alot like big poops.


way to follow through on the investigation of the dead lady.


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