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The Bay Area has some of the most craziest shit poppin' off these days... like it's incredibly large dope fiend problem, the pool designed by Andy Warhol at the Phoenix hotel and Hyphy music. They also have... Mochipet, who makes face-melting breakcore music and often performs his live shows wearing a purple dinosaur costume. Breakcore's the type of music that I envision hearing when going to one of those vampire parties from the movie Blade.

side note: I'm very interested in attending one of these said vampire parties. So, if there are any vampires or daywalkers reading this blog... holler at your boy.

Mochi's got a new album, Microphonepet, which comes out April 1st on Daly City Records. There's a song on it with 215: The Freshest Kids and it brings me back to the main point of this post... the Bay Area has some crazy shit poppin' off these days!

Mochipet: Vnecks (feat. 215: TFK)

"Taco meats back, real men don't use Nair"

I don't know much about the 215 kids or what they're all about, but I have met Buddy Leezle and he confuses even me. This guys got more aliases then all of Wu-Tang, Kool Keith and Madlib combined. I also know this, if your gonna make a rap song about american apparel v-necks... I cosign! Not that I'm down with v-necks or anything, but my man Pretty Titty is... and at the end of the day isn't that all that really matters.


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why not.


why, why?


why do birds suddenly appear?
we are near.
just like me.
they long to be.

Z 3.0

ha! restriction free the easy yay area: when rawkin the v neck 3/4 sleeve we spin forest green, when rawkin the v neck sweater we spin sonic death rabbit, and when rawkin the pink mylar v neck we spin Ethyl Meatplow's "close to you" (12" version").


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