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Back in Baltimore for a great Party last night. All the people we like to see at a party where there, and it was a ton of fun. Thanks party people, and thanks Darren.

Thing about Baltimore is there are a lot of interesting characters here. I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of these people today.

The "hattmaster" :

Photo 160

A hatter, a hatter of Haters, a hatter of Hillary Clinton and a hatter of music thats too agro, and a hatter of all types of other shit. The hattmaster likes some things though, he told me a while back that he was a big fan of Bumblebee Unlimited's "Ladybug". We agree on this song's dopeness and thought that we should share. So Here is an edit of the edit (with an easter egg as tommorow is the Chocolate Bunny's holiday)

...And here is to you Hattmaster. No one can eat a Carnitas taco sin queso como tu cabroncito.

Easter Beat.Basket

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Ninja Asylum

too bad spell check doesn't pick up on phatastic words like 'hattmaster' cuz you spelled it all different ways making me not know what the f way its spelled. but i better not say too much. don't want you hattt-ing on me and deleting this post simply out of spite. but you wouldn't do that... cuz that's what gaylord do.




Chris, you need to lay off that Piff!




woops. thought you were ron. my bad. you can misspell things all you want.


i have no idea where i am right now.


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