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Have you been left puzzled and pondering the possiblity of a video for xxxchange's re-edit of 100 Million and perplexed as to what it might possess? Then fantasize no more my Fully Fitted fanbull friends! Click the above picture of everyone's favorite artist formerly known as Baby aka The #1 Stunna and you'll see what it looks like in all of its beautiful and sparkling hi-res glory.

Brought to you by our secret collaborator Caleb (&/or), who we have hidden away and feverishly working on a super-duty deluxe project... which may be coming soon in the very distant and not near future.

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cot dam darkness...


i love it when baby releases the CGI pigeons that he's somehow been holding under his jacket for the whole scene....!


"holiday you did it again" - rascal

caleb &/or

ya'll make me sound hella mysterious.


Aww snap


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