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yukari fresh

from the escalator records website:
"Yukari Fresh is lazy. She is watching TV, especially Sport Channel, everyday. Her album "Yukari's Perfect!", "New Year's Fresh" and "Cityrama" are keeping good sales still now. She is sometimes dreaming of a girl band united by so cute girls all. "Erik" was out in Sep/2001, which is dedicated to Erik Zabel Maillot Verre cicliste. in 2003 her 3rd album "trefoils hat" was released."

highly recommend copping cityrama which these tracks are from. also good on escalator is losfeld and miniflex. if anybody has recent stuff from escalator will you hit me on the email? super hard to find this stuff even in new york.

yukari fresh "lost and found"
(sounds like techno made by cats)
yukari fresh "belinner weisse"
(css eat your heart out!)

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