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I wrote this for the DIm Mak blog

yeah we like it raw!!! this is an M.O.P. reference. M.O.P. is a rap group from Brownsville Brooklyn which is about ten minutes from where I am right now which is around the corner from the Huxtables in Brooklyn Heights. I'm telling you this because I know if you are reading this a. you are probably a somewhat corny candy ass 19 - 24 year old hipster from LA who was somewhere in California and about 3 or 4 years old when this song came out, or you were like 11 when "ante up" came out. OR b. you're just an old clueless motherfucker, which is okay. OR c. you're not from America and you just think Steve Aoki is the coolest DJ evar. which, I dont know how cool that is. you be the judge and jury of that. bottom line, Pase Rock is old as fuck. So you're gonna have to deal with my fucked up hip hop references. Anyway, I was supposed to be on a plane right now leaving Los Angeles for New York but guess what? I came home a day early! why, you might ask? (WHY PASE?) because I had to fly home early from Coachella to DJ for my favorite woman on the planet (other than my Mom or my Grandma or my cousin/ big sis Valencia who is in some of these pics... and yes Sarah I call my grandma when I'm rolling on ecstasy at 10 am, more on that later.) it's Santogold! I'm not just saying that because her buzz is more buzzed than your shitty alcoholic uncle. Santi is kinda my favorite person for real. For one, she is 1/3rd responsible for my biggest (only?barely?) hit "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge" all written in her living room. Anyway, her album comes out tomorrow. Tuesday April 29th. buy that shit. So she's on Conan tonight (watch that shit). She kills it. I'm in the background dancing around in my new little hat looking like Jean Pierre Le Douche (waddup Parra!). I forgot my rings so i was kinda pissed off. Her dancers are hot as fuck, and I tried to make out with Desiree one night a few months ago but she was not having it. You would think by now I would know when I got the green light and when I should just go home, jerk off and call it a night. Nooooo, I had to go ruin a decent casual friendship trying to hit home runs. (douche chills!!!) so what was I talking about? SANTOGOLD! I missed her Coachella set cuz me and Them Jeans, Dan Oh, Gina, my friend Kara and Sarah Morrison (who never stops talking ever, and on top of that she talks so fast its completely incomprehensible gibberish. It just starts sounding like a melodic chainsaw after awhile) were eating BBQ and enjoying the comforts of our heated swimming pool (sidenote: Aoki never showed up.) (another sidenote: excessive use of unnecessary parentheses stops here>>>>)

So saturday I hit Coachella at about 7 pm, catch a little Kraftwerk and Portishead and MIA's last song. I just wanted to see Prince. and I decided that today was the day I was going to dabble in illegal substances. I don't do drugs. I barely even drink. Make fun of me and my Pinot Grigio or Prosecco at the club if you want. I'm thirty and sexy as a motherfucker, so you can eat a dick you fucking zombied out dipshits. I'm gonna live a long healthy life. and remember what the fuck happened towards the end. Santi feels the same way. This is what saddened me when I finally ran into her at Coachella on Saturday. She yells my name and I run up and give her a hug. She then says "Pase you have to hang out with me. Everybody is either on drugs or looking for drugs and you and me have to be together and be the sober ones. I'm all "uhhhhhh, dude. dont be mad at me but I'm ROLLING MY FACE OFF RIGHT NOW!" I watched her jaw drop and heart sink. I knew that I would never be doing that shit again. But as much as I love Santi i wasn't about to let her kill my high. ECSTASY IS THE SHIT! HOLLLLUUUURRRRRRRRRR!!!!
I'm not gonna talk about how dope Prince is/was because honestly I dont remember much of it. I was too busy telling all my friends how much I loved them and I didnt want to be in any other place but there with them wacthing Prince. This was all true. but it's the kind of thing you usually pick a better time and place for, or maybe not. I'm not the most talkative dude on the planet so I figured I would take this rare occasion to tell my friends how much I loved them (shout out to Bryan and Chris Devlin and Alex) having really hot girls around never hurts either.

there is no point to this long ass shit. I just wanted to share some pics. these are from the last week or so. Me hanging out in my neighborhood. Me, Eli, Alex and Amanda in the studio working on Amanda's debut. Me, Valencia and Rick taking the boys (Cade and Bam Bam) to the park. some shots from the DJ house BBQ and some shots from Conan today. not so many of me cuz I'm taking the pics! p.s. Conan is on RIGHT NOW! tune into NBC wherever you are.

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Dr. Knockboots

Hey Pase, don't generalize your readers like that. All of us don't think "M.O.P. stands for 'mop' and shit"!!

Pase Rock

I was generalizing dim mak's readers... not this one...haha..

Maebh Cheasty

lindsay lohan's revenge is definitely a hit, when it gets played in hick clubs in the arse end of ireland. just saying!


ha ha hick clubs in ireland. get's played a lot in dublin clubs especially pogo.


damn man now no one will be surprised when they hear my flamenco guitar stylings on amanda's album. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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