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This Just in : Old Record News.

Balagan on "Soleil Soleil"(not the new spankrock record):

"I first found this record on 7" with a rad picture sleeve at A-1 Records in NYC, damn near shit myself over the lite-brite looking Arabic projected on a lady's prone torso and the beats on the disc. I couldn't find shit about the singer, Ahmed Fakroun, except that he was from Benghazi, a city on Libya's northern coast known for being cosmopolitan. I guess that's how he ended up working with French fashion photographer and video director Baptiste Mondino, who did this video. Like everything else, it recently showed up on YouTube after a number of years of me looking for it.

Check the casbah vibe with the Sly and Robbie rhythm. Unngh!"

Geography Class:


Download :

Soleil Soleil - Ahmed Fakroun

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