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I'm Old!

It's official. Put brakes on the track bike last night 'cause I'm fucking old and a pussy.

BUT in good news I filled out my rack of SCA preamps. I'd built the first four myself, two a12s and two n72s, and they sounded soooooooooo good I was like fuck it, and got four more pre-assembled. now I got all four major flavors, eight total. the new additions are two c84s and two j99s. If any of you guys are into recording, cop these shits as the bang 4 buck ratio is exceptional. SCA website
p.s. sorry to add to the long ass string of picture posts but be patient, another "stuff that never got released" is coming next week!

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whatchyougot like disc brakes on that piece!?




what a nerd.


i wish i understood what any of that means


2 brakes on a fixed? DAMN!! thats hardcore... wrap dem bars son... in the winter & rain that shit is mad dangerous!

what kinda bike is that?


I am with eskobar on this one, what?

Breezy Palomino

I much prefer my crabtops 911 69er bungalungchung preamps. Just sayin'.


bung bung...

did you know that Alex invented serrato, like 10 years ago, for some guy named bobby.


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