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Klayston P says...

"I would have had this sooner to the blog, but I got stuck playing Wii all day yesterday. It was the first time ever that I had played one, and FACK!! I want one soooo bad. My arm hurts no thanks to the tennis game, but I aint mad at ya Wii.

Last week I was working on a new official mix literally all day every day and one more morning I woke up and managed to make this beautiful boogie mix all in one shot. All the way live from hot as fack texas! No overdubs, no edits, all live... Sure its on Serato, but I have the records to prove it douche elitists. My mp3s weigh a ton."

- Prince Klassen


Sharon Redd - You Got My Love
Status IV - Lovin You
Rolemottle - Take a Break (maurice fulton remix)
The Sunburst Band - Twinkle (idjut boys dub)
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Gloria Gaynor - Anybody wanna party?
Skyy - Heres to you (Dimitri from Paris re edit)
Electric Funk All Stars - For those that like to boogie
Linda Clifford - I'll Keep on loving you
Wolf - Why do you do me?


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This mix is so fucking real. Klassen, Imma see you tonight! TEXAS, LLLLEEEETTTTTTSSSS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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