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"House Jam" Remix

Here's a quickie remix I did for my friend Brian Degraw's band, Gang Gang Dance. He also djs at Sway on sundays for "smiths/morrisey night." I'd never been until a few weeks ago and finally I went and turned out they were playing all kinds of shit, I had a really good time so when this remix came up I thought I'd do something kind of tailor made for that dj night. I dunno what my point is with all this, uh, oh yeah go to sway on sundays it's fun!
Seems like I'm doing more and more stuff lately just for it to get leaked on purpose on pitchfork or whatever. pitchfork free downloads = the new 12" ?....I sure hope not! hope you all like it! Brian where's my drawing!?

"House Jam" XXXchange Remix

Also here's some silly photos of me and Pase taken at the lab this afternoon. Pete must've posted them up 5 minutes after we walked out the door. everybody seems psyched about the records so far, which is cool. for those of you holding out for the digital release, it should be up in a couple of weeks on their website.

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cant believe how nice this photograph is.(of the lady not you two bumbling fools!)


wow! my girlfriend made the fully fitted blog. nice, i love her.


so where can i pick one of those pot leaf bikinis for the missus?




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