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Greetings from Tokyo...on blast.

In the mail from Balagan was this real nice mix. It was recorded live and is on some Glen Burnie grab and go type shit. Balagan is currently in Europe all over the place. He is in Lisbon, Paris ect. 

SO IF ANYONE CHECKING THIS IN EUROPA has a night that they would like to be enriched by some nice tunes from around the globe... hit Balagan up here. He is down for whatever, shitty piss basement club or 6 am Rave afterparty.

"i had deliberated forever and waited for torq updates and shit but yesterday i got a nice message from someone about that disco throwdown mix, which was all records i grabbed without planning, so i decided to do that again. here it is, maybe you can use it for fully fitted, i think it sounds good." - Balagan 

Transphonic - Jungle Tech
Baaba Maal - Gorel (M.A.W. remix)
The Epitome of Hype - Revenge of Ladies With An Attitude (Remix)
F.O.G. - Electricity
Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - The Challenge
Tyrone Brunson - Servo Go-Go
The Quick - Zulu
Ralph MacDonald - Discolypso
Dance of Algiers
Steely Dan - Green Earrings

Greenway Jungle Mix - Balagan

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