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Tony Clifton

Apparently DOOM is still doing the ol' Tony Clifton routine, which is daringly hilarious in our opinion.

Last weekend, at the Los Angeles Rock The Bells concert, the metal faced villain was scheduled to go on post-Spank Rock and close out the second stage. After taking forever to show up and having the crowd wait for well over an hour... a fake Doom walked on stage! He may have gotten away with it too, had the Dj's setup not been hooked up incorrectly through the phono(s). The audio was completely muffled and blown out, which made it kind of hard for him to lip sync to the tracks. Still, it was a great show!

Here is a youtuber's video of the actual performance from the audience's perspective. The best part is @ 2:45 - "I'mma go see Nas you son of a bitch!". This constitutes as a NAGL moment.

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