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Evvy Foods pt.1 LEGEND BURGER

The day before I left Australia Levins was nice enough to invite me over for burgers. And what a burger it was! onions, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, baby arugula, pickles and uh, bread. Truly the stuff of legend.

At Dinner, while discussing the origins of the mysterious emcee Zao Zao Ze, conversation turned to this wonderful compilation on Spasticated records: "The Ministry of Shit." (2003 Anus) Check out the website it's easily one of my favorite album covers of all time. here's a sample:
AC3P - "OI!"

p.p.s Brian made me a facebook so hit me up if you're into that kind of thing

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How good were those burgers? Good work Lev Dawg.


Young Levins,

Darkie and I are expecting an equally delectable culinary expUrience.


Sin Queso!


i made kangaroo burgers for cousin cole when he was here on saturday.

what mysterious feast will i cook the pair of you?


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