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Mofo Radio: Reggae 2 Shot

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A couple of weeks ago, Devlin & Darko visited Ghostdad's Mofo Radio show at Boston College. During the impromptu broadcast, Chris started an 11 o'clock reggae 2 shot segment, which I felt was waaaay too good to not continue! So, in conjunction with Ghostdad, we're making the 11 o'clock slot a weekly installment on his radio program. As well as, posting them up on our blog, since good reggae chunes don't get enough love nowadays. So, without further ado, here is this weeks Reggae 2 Shot...

Shinehead: The Truth

Cocoa Tee: Good Life

You can now pick up fine, reggae classics like these, every week on the blog. Or, better yet... tune in live, every Wednesday night from 10pm-1am over the internet. It's pretty simple, just click on the link and it streams right from your iTunes.

Side Note: Klassen and I were listening to this weeks broadcast and were kind of sold as listeners to the program. I told this to Ghostdaddy and that he did a great job. He replied... "Seriously though, if i can do good by yall i'm at least doing something right. Not even my girlfriend listens... and I got her jay z tickets!"

Side Side Note: Klassen's 11 o'clock reggae 2 shot joke of the week...

Q: What do jamaicans eat for breakfast?
A: Ragga Muffins

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