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music production nerdery pt.2

my remix of the kills "cheap and cheerfull" just came out on beatport along side remixes by Sebastian and Fake Blood. (there's a chart up there somewhere too but I couldn't figure out how to link to it) This was a weird one for me, I was so burned out on the song when they asked me for a remix i just ended up taking the 2 track demo and cutting it up bootleg-style, then throwing some acid shit underneath. it turned out good, but it's probably the weakest mix on the 12. also the other two mixes are amazing basically. I've been obsessed with sebastian ever since I heard his mix. I read somewhere on the internets that he uses a bunch of compressors and expanders in sequence to get that big meaty sound with the loud furry looking waveforms. got some pretty furry results the other day and it looked like this:

that's a fuck-ton of plugs to have on one channel strip so yeah. if anyone knows the actual way he gets that sound email me or just post up in the comments section as I am curious. also I suspect that he is using lots of little tiny samples in addition to whatever compressing and expanding is happening

Here is a really cool video of Benny Benassi in the studio doing a bootleg remix. they take this old Vangellis track from Blade Runner, and turn it into a total face melter in about 20 minutes . turns out his brother Allie does all the programming, mixing etc....!!! who knew?!? I am now convinced that Allie is also the dude behind Mobbing. I love the way they build the tracks, it's so efficient. they start off doing three rough sections "dance" (main) "dream" (breakdown) and "walk the dog" (bridge) work on each box exclusively and then worry about the transitions and details later. this way you make sure you have all your important parts done before you start getting bogged down in the details.

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from what i understand of sebastiAn's process is that he constantly samples his previous demo of the track, he samples pieces of previous takes and adds these to his new version and continues the process over and over again till he gets the sound he wants.

Cheap and cheerful remix is really nice alexxx, any chance you could restart tracks that never got released? with the remixes that aren't going to find there way to beatport etc.


yeah totally! i've been holding off on it because me and dj eli are actually going to do a bootleg 12" of some of this other stuff that got turned down. so yeah just having things mastered now! look out in the near future


are you going with the title remixes of broken dreams/shit canned for the 12"?

good to hear that more stuff is coming out, got the new kid sis track get fresh off fools gold rcrd lbl site really great alexxx


thing about that song is. It's awesome and the remixes, while quite evy, are not as funky and aren't as good as the OG,

come on!!!!


agreed the original is the best version. definetly the best song on the album alright maybe because i prefer vv singing to Jamie's, going to see them play on tuesday,


its great to hear about how different producers approach things.. thanks for the post


Maybe you just have to compress your beat/bass in a special bus with a nice balance compressor-maximizer. And when your work is over, you put another one, lighter, on all your track to obtain "a unity".
Then, a big mastering.


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