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Baltimore Mega Post Slim

Went back home this week to link up with Darko and put together some ideas for festival sets in Australia . We called up one of Baltimores good dudes, Jack who has helped us out with the use of his space in the past. The place is great, really crazy looking inside, and perfect for halloween time dj nerdery/ Evvy Chunery

...and the shtuuudio is right near the corner of :


.......We went to see NinjaSonik on thursday, WOW, funniest shit ever. These guys entertained all 12 people in the club for a full hour. They were running around singing along to a Minor Threat song and some dude said," Play your own songs!" To which JahJah replied, " hey, its cold outside, you need some covers." Too good!

Bathroom Sex...

Dj'd at Taxlo on Friday and afterwards Chipset and I went to this terrible after party on Baltimore St. behind the H&H.
We saw these amazing party lights and thought it was gonna be allright, but it looked like some kind of Tawney Town Meth Den inside...

Outside :




Lastly, here is my favorite tune right now...The whole comp is nice, check it.

Ifeanyi Eddie Okwedy & His Maymores Dance - Happy Survival


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Prince Klassen

how fucking scary is that video? anyone fall down an empty elevator shaft by chance?


What's wrong with the inside of that party?


No, but a cute "thicky" fell off the side of the stage during our Halloween gig. She busted her ass hard. I tried to help her up and I kept asking if she was OK, but she only replied, "I spilt my drink!"

Awww.... To be young again.


can't wait till y'all rip it up down here again, hopefully they get nada playing before or after you...

butter team

next time you roll late night go rock the mike at never on sunday.

the happy survival sounds like something wes anderson would cop for another one of his "quirky" soundtracks.



really though, when i bought it i was looking for this one...

i bought in 01. I looked at my moms when i went home, but couldnt find it, i know its there....


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