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I think I'm gonna write a song today
it's gonna be about rhyming and words
I think I'm gonna have a lot to say
this fucking song is going to change the world
I think I'm going to find myself today
I'm gonna turn into a glass of jameson (on the rocks of course)
my doctor says it's gonna be a sad day
but at least I get the girl
I think I'm gonna write a song today
the one I've been chasing my whole life
won't have to wait to record
all there done in one take
I'm gonna write a song today
just wait, you'll see it's gonna get a grammy
you're gonna be singing this song today
and for the rest of your time here
and it won't even be about panties...

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hopefully the song will rhyme cause the kids love songs that rhyme...


see lizard in last post


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