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Mofobama cross post.

Celebration vid from last night. Fireworks and a drunk rendition of America the Beautiful.

And a reminder to chune in for some more chunes, tonight, on Mofo Radio, 10pm est on WZBC (stream it here). This week's reggae to shot at 11 provided by Mr. Devlin. Watch this space for the sound share tomorrow!

And in case you missed the Cabide mayhem from two weeks ago see the live MPC mayhem on video! His Miami Bass/old school electro mix was also way on point so I wanted to cross post it here. Who knew a dude from Rio would get his hands on all kinds of records from Miami, and bring them up to Boston to kill it! I think he's tearing it up in New York this week for you folks down there.

Cabide Electromix

It's a new day!

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Fireworks are illegal! I'm calling the Police.


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