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Serato Roll update

I asked about this awhile back and have since installed the upgrade and done the correct protocol for making this function active. While I was playing with it and showing it to some of my friends, I did learn a neat trick that I have not seen anyone post about yet, which is how to keep the function active even after you quit and restart.

Here is the trick I am talking about...

So what I did was, instead of having to make the new crate constantly, I thought about changing the name of an already existing crate just to see what happens. So, I made a new crate called, "we gettin arab money", and threw a few evvy chunes in it (dont know if that is necessary, but did it either way) I then renamed the crate to the "proper" name that enables the function and voi effing la... it stayed. Have fun.

oh yeah and if you got an extra hand or mutant hands like the young curtstradamus, there is a way to shorten and lengthen the roll joints too...

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Ryan D.

mayonnaise-colored benz


A-Trak loves that feature and has used it in alot of his recent mixes. nice tutorial. there's always somethin to learn when it comes to serato...

Eli Lilly

All you have to do to keep the crate is put songs in it. You don't have to do any name-it-something-and-then-rename-it stuff. It's all in that post from four blog-years ago on the SSL forums.

Prince Klassen

oh snap, ok. I never remember the Serato forum, so thats good to know. How long is a blog year? Is it anywhere near a ghoul to a goblin?

Eli Lilly

Four blog years is about a month.


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