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Xxxchange/Devlin radio streaming

and description at the Mofo Radio blog. Or hit the little flash dealy below!

Alexxxchange and Devlin on Mofo Radio

ps: tropical head wear for this one a must:

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yo i heard that shitty Hoff remix was a hit!


this is some of the worst radio i've ever heard. when chris comes on in the middle of "urvasi urvasi" and just goes CHIPSET with no explanation. wow.


bwa ha hahaha! i walked over to the bar at and looked-up to thank jesus for my two dollar PBR. i was about to drink my first delicious sip and saw that thing up in the rafters. i was thinking "did somebody kill a renegade peacock up there?". I thought the acid might have been kicking in, but now I know it was a horrible indian headdress. but you wear it like a champion mr. devlin. joe from zu zu sez "sup".

-sleezy trees



Breezy Palomino

What does this guy think he's an Indian?
What is he a goddamn asshole?


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