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One of my main Miami partners-in-crime, Induce... has a podcast on the regular. His latest mix was recorded live at LVL 25 @ The Conrad Hotel, where he "kinda spazzed out and went all over the board" since no one was there. Luckily for you, its up for easy download and its amazingly perfect for the cold, holiday season. Also, its a great reprieve from face-melters and music that wobbles. So, get your holiday on and be inspired... now!

Hometeam Podcast  - click the link and iTunes does the rest!

• King Curtis
• Nuyorican Soul
• Dinah Washington (Truth & Soul)
• Howlin Wolf
• Sa-Ra Creative Partners
• Herbie Hancock
• Faze-O
• Sebastien Tellier
• Stereolab
• Bjork
• Jarvis Cocker
• Juliette Commagere
• Scarlett Johansson
• Dungen
• Koushik
• The Kaldirons
• Mayer Hawthorn & The County

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