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Well it's been a loooooong time between posts So much has happened! I did a week in the studio with amanda and dave switch which probably deserves a post of its own but I'm not sure if I have it in me. I'll just leave it at this : It was really great to spend some time watching dave work as I've been a big fan ever since he did that remix for s ro. talk about some one who's really pushing boundaries! This dude is more or less responsible for taking dance music into the 21st century. So anyway the studio time was pretty productive. Tracks were mixed, insults traded, drums were played, bottles of wine fell by the wayside and now I find myself with the most fucked up vampire sleep schedule I have ever had. Ever.

In innernets news: the season for year end wrap-up lists has officially begun! The folks over at pichfork are once again tipping their hands to what complete and utter schmucks they are just judging from who they've put on their ballots. (At the very least go vote for gang gang and write in fully fitted or blaqstarr on all the ones u are allowed2 k thx) Also there's some pretty good lists so far over on the lollerboard. Here's an excerpt from mine:

top 5 dance jams besides my own that i tried to play whenever i got the chance just so I could hear it on a good system and even though i knew it probably wouldn't get a good reaction

1.lele breakfast
2.dajae everyday my life (lights went out remix)
3.lykke li i'm good im gone fred falke remix
edit: 4. blind hercules club mix
5.holy ghost hold on

I'm writing this post from inside a plane at 30k+ feet over the Atlantic ocean headed to europe. I'm playing some club dates this week and next week from London to Berlin to Helsinki Paris etc so it should be a fun week. I just need to take wat I learned in australia about holding my liqour and apply it to the european theater of operations and should be all good. Photos coming soon!

Anyway the most exciting news so far is that I saw not one but two ras trents at the airport! Flabbergasted that these still exist post you tube phenom. i snuck in this quick pic, but was hesitant to ask for a more formal portrait just in case they were already aware of the internet meme and on full defensive mode. Later I heard them speaking french which explained everything and regretted not asking for a posed portrait as any percieved slight could almost certainly be pawned off on my good natured american ignorance and poor conversational french. (disclosure: I also had dreads briefly in highschool before I went completely bald somewhere around age 19. seems in retrospect that i'm doomed to a lifetime of bad hairstyles oh well)

Also in good news so far this trip: my airplane dinner just came and there's a double dessert! In addition to the usual suspects (beef w potatoes salad kinda, apple cobbler) there's a miniature crunchie bar!!!! Between this and winning at solitaire twice this afternoon things are really starting to look up!
jesus this pic looks disgusting. gawd look at those peas. barf!

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looks like baby food, with the plastic plates and everything :/

i'm sure it was lovely


damn dude.... what Airline is that.


British airways

The Tank

I have the defected pressing of that Dajae track from way back.. haven't heard that remix though... when did it come out?


i'm not sure it ever did. "lights went out" is one of dj Eli's a.k.a's so he'd be the one to ask about when/where/if that got released

The Tank

Got a sample of it I could hear? would love to give it a listen


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