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Zack Attack

Our dude Four Color Zack, one of Darko's top three favorite djs, sent over a new mix this afternoon. Apparently, I have been sleeping on The Dream, no pun intended, but if Zack makes a mix of nothing but dudes music, then I gots to believe in it.

Zack is one of the best dudes to hang with and by far one of the best djs I have seen in a very long time. You can grab this mix here and if you did not get his "live from home", you can grab from our nifty sidebar over to the right.

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who are darko's other two favorites?


Roctakon & J-Rocc, but neither has impressed me in a while. So... Anna from Hoops is now in my Top 3 and the other is a tie between... Steve Aoki & Dave Nada. Both, jump around and throw stuff at people. Plus, I like a good show when my face is being melted!

(thee) Mike B

Definitely don't sleep on The American Dream... He's the man and this mix is ill! radio killlahhhh


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