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MIxes From the vaults... pt1

I got this mix from Karl Hungus (Shop Gentei Sound System, BBC r.i.p) about a year ago ... I had asked him for a Live at Home mix because his crates are quite deep and he slaughtered Darko and I at the legendary '45 night' at the Ottobar a few years back.(Ron, please post)

 He sent me a mix with this attached:

A lil "sompin sompin" i did the night before i went out to japan in January.
had a bunch of friends asking me to make a mix for them, some wanted straight club, some wanted biale, some wanted disco, electro etc etc. I didnt have time to make 1 each so i just went up the bpm scale and did it in 1 take. started about 105, and finished up around 130.
some joints in there i love, and some i just like. no track listings, cause if your a dj you should know already, and if your not then its not important. you cant really buy any of the songs on cd anyway. just listen and enjoy.
i tried and play as many of them from vinyl as i can, some are straight to mp3 though so you know the deal. serato!

DJ karl hungus
"im here to fix the cable'

Karl Hungus - Here to fix the Cable (live mix 1/18/08)

If you have questions about the track listing, leave them in the comments section and we will get Karl to return your call.

Check out Shop Gentei online HERE

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