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Nitetrain on Mofo.

Last week's radio show with Nitetrain and crew from Musk (the current night he regulars) was a blast. Plenty of disco and deep house for days. Check the special disco/funk 45 excerpt mix below. Grab the whole show from the Mofo Radio blogue.

Nitetrain mix

A little background on Nitetrain for out of towners; If you've been in the Boston area long enough chances are you've had at least a youtube encounter with DJ Nitetrain. He initially garnered local fame by bringing an entire sound system on the train with him back in the day, but has since stepped it down to a pair of studio cans and a backpack full of minidiscs. Just being around Jerry will put you in a good mood, and talking to him proves he's serious about his music.

Bonus jams! Although not in this mix, loved this Eddie Grant joint Nitetrain rocked (doubles of no less, pictured above). And this B.D.S Unlimited song is sure to be a regular on Sundays nights (when we do it...again).

Eddie Grant - Timewarp

B.D.S. Unlimited - Do It Again

Radio show has a few weeks off but more of my shining on air persona and reggae two shots on the way.

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