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Reggae Two Shot Reeeewiiiind (Nitetrain bonus!)

The original, Red Fox

Here's the two shot from last week. Was in a record ripping mood so I worked some old dancehall 12"s into the set. The first kind of a corny Beatles cover. Second is Red Fox with some early nineties material that samples Spill the Wine.

Joycelyn - Let It Be

Red Fox - Jessica

I think I'm gonna skip over the two shot in tonight's radio show due to very special guests DJ Nitetrain and friends being in the studio. Catch up more on the man in the latest mofo megapost. Should be some seriously deep disco chunes. Join me on the air 10PM TONIGHT
CLICK HERE FOR THE LIVE STREAM! Can't resist posting this classic Nitetrain footage. This is what it's all about.

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I mean, there are some good art blogs and some blogs good for trolling tracks, but its usually other people posting up shit they found on the internet!
Muther Fucker... I gots the internet!

Other Blogs - "Hey look, I found a squirrel water skiing! Cool, check it out..."

Me - "Get the fuck outta here with dat gahbagge!"

Ryan D.

"GOD LOVES ME" - DJ Khaled


Dood. this show just went to the next level. im in the days of wine and vynil.


Fack, I went out tonight...
you better have recorded it!

I'm making up for missing the show by streaming FBI Radio with Anna Lunoe & Kato! Internet radio is my new porn!


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