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Damn doggy, we did it again! You just can't stop us... or this song. Kenna's "Out of Control (XXXchange & Darko Free Donuts and Shellfish Remix)" is featured on the Electronic Arts (EA) boxing game FaceBreaker, as well as last years MLB 08: The Show. Now, if only we had the licensing rights! Download the remix for free, right here.

FacBreaker Screen 2
FacBreaker Screen 1
FacBreaker Screen 3

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dude that z share shit is crap. it keeps loopin me around and not giving me the fucking file. all i wanna do is go outta control. fucking face breaking bullshit z share rip off. u guys got plenty of fuckin webspace. thanks for giving this away though.


You sound like Chris Devlin, Jeesh.

OK, added the song to the server, added a player and fixed the download link.


Siiiiick. I was gettin tired of going to ur myspace to stream this all the time. good job fully fitting ur downloads. def passing this on to friends and family.


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