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New Wierdness...

Did this for . Recorded late last night, live in the Living Room with the echo pedal.


Download :
Bicicleta MIx

Track List:
Raul Sexias - Mosca no Sopa
Niel Diamond - Delerious Love
Willie Hutch - Tell me Why Has our Love Turned Cold
Animal Collective - My Girls
Noze - Love Affair
Gary Bartz - Funked up
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Ritual #1
INTERLUDE 1 of tomany
Whole Lotta Love - C.C.S.
Whole Lotta Love - Dennis Coffey
La Gringa Inga - Ingles En Un 2x3
Selda - Ince Ince (Devlin_Edit)
Selda(w/kardslar) - Nem Kaldi (Devlin Remix)
Super Eagles - Love is a Real thing
duction - intro
T.Rex - Cosmic Dancer
The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
Ariel Goodman Weston - clean underwear
tell me (cause i dont know.) - Lovin You

Comments for this entry


Very nice man, very nice


oh wow this is taaaasty!

butter team

that Gary Bartz joint is slammin!

good T. Rex work in too

Ryan D.

game. blouses.

Miss Forreal

Hell yea dude


whats the name of the LAST song on the mix goshh

Liquid Vega

The last song is 'Loving You Sometimes' by The Outcasts. One of THE greatest tunes ever to descend on us.


V*I*N*C*E*N*T & G*E*N*E*V*I*E*VE


than ks man. truly..

Liquid Vega

No worries, you can grab it here if you want it:





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Indeed a very good selection of tracks, rock on dude.

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