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Tracklisting Mysteries: solved

1) Last week I was trying to track down what I thought was an Emporer Machine song called Profundito. Turns out I had it all wrong. The song is called Profundita, and it's not by The Emporer Machine.

Full write up @ Picadilly

2) I posted a mix last week and didn't know actual name or artist of the last song on the mix. I got the song from Emily Rabbit and when she sent it, there was no artist tag. Luckily, someone named Liquid Vega sorted out the mystery in the comments section after the post.

This truly awesome song is called Loving You Sometimes. Get all the info and the track @ Garage Hangover
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I love how the internet allows us to make fools of ourselves constantly.

also somewhat related: I have an mp3 tagged "B-52's - Walk Like an Egyptian" which is the name of a song by the Bangles but the actual audio is "own private idaho" by the b52's

butter team

that Outcasts song was stuck in my head all day, thanks for the link. Garage Hangover is incredible, cool to see all the (living) band members showing up in the comments. Sent the link over to my pops so he can reminisce.

Ryan D.

I used to have so many mislabeled mp3s from back in the napster days. example: musical youth's "pass the dutchie" was labeled "bob marley - pass the douche."


haha pass the douche! or just ones that cut off 3 minutes in to a 4 min track stuff like that. the best is to discover that it cuts off while djing


Stuck in the Middle With You - Steve Miller Band

4.5 MB 182 kbps (VBR)

12/19/07 3:59 PM


Emily Rabbit

Thank you so much for solving this mystery. I was literally going nuts trying to find out anything about the song.

I stopped playing it out because I was sick of not being able to answer anyone's questions and getting the "poor stupid girl DJ" look.

I have a few more mystery tracks that I will unleash on you soon, Dev.


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