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Fully Fitted EP video leaks pt. 1

RRROLL IT! from Ghostdad on Vimeo.

The above vid is from a series Alex and I secretly chopped up for his last tour on the Australian festival circuit (with some keen eye input from Chris and other FF associates). I think he played video sets a handful of time in the states and Europe too so if you saw him at one of those you might have caught it then. The Fully Fitted EP is still available at Turntable Lab in vinyl and digi format so grab it while you can:

turntablelab vinyl

turntablelab digital

Stay tuned for more vids from the Fully Fitted vaults (including the much anticipated release of a certain DVD mixtape), or see some more live in person at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston on Friday. We'll be running a live video show all night!

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If someone wants to buy my train ticket... I will come up for this fo sho!

Prince Klassen

If someone buys Darko's ticket, I would gladly take a plane ticket.


Now, you've made my post a joke and no one will take it seriously. Thanks for ruining my weekend.



Nice video.


Oh Anonymous, how I love your posts! <3

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I loved the spoiler. Great video.

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Thanks for the sneak peak on Fully Fitted.

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Well I don't know what to say about this leaked video, but his reputation has now gone in vain.

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Nice video....liked it very much....very interesting one...:)

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