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Live From the Royal Castle.

While in NY last week working on tunes and things, Ghostdad bought this :

Its an LaTec 100a record mixing console. Two belt driven turntables, rotary mixing knobs, a Tape IN and a Tape OUT. We started messing around with it, smaashing records into one another then decided to record a mix of these old Dancehall 45s AlexxxChange hAd sitting around.

There is no pitch control so you have to just drop tracks and rub your finger on the platter to make things mix. We used the MoogerFooger through the mic input and got some nice delay effects.It's not the newest rig so there is alot of bleed and wierd sound artifacts, but hopefully that adds to the charm.


√ersions&†hings from XXXchange's cabinen†

The secret weapon on this one was the latest patch from GhostLabs: The DadSiren:

Its a really nice little program that mimics the siren emulators built into old JA soundsystems. Read more about that and download it here: DADSIREN

Ghostnotes: Special thanks to George from Javlin who sold me the unit and Bennett4$enate for putting me in touch. Very psyched on this machine. Mods on the way...

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Ryan D.

whaaaaaaaaaaat. this is dope.




nice one.


pretty effin awesome. good work dewds


yeah! p.s. check your spelling on Javelin


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