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Phone Photos '09: Darko

I've been flying around the states a lot lately, but not busting out the camera as much as I used to. Just living in the moment instead of behind the lens, but occasionally... I grab a quick pic with my phone.

Went down to SXSW and had tacos in Texas with the Fully Fitted fam

Bought last minute tickets to WMC and chillaxed with friends

Stayed down by the Beach at a friend's condo... the balcony view!

Had the 2nd Annual OMD Sushi Eating Contest, this years winner: Contra w/ 15 plates

Runner up: Matt Sherman w/ 14 plates

Hung out with Fred Hardley, errr... I mean Kurt from Floss

Spent my last night in Miami at The Standard... One More Day status

Checked in and got a comp bottle to welcome me back

Skipped right on over to Dallas for a gig at the PLUSH nite club

7-11 across the street had "NASCAR TURBO LIP BALM: NITRO LEMON"... For when you need to shift your lips into full gear!

Capone-N-Noreaga's "Rotate" has been my new theme song lately!

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Prince Klassen

goddamn this is the best post ever. we need some sleep shorts action... actually, I think I just came up with my band name.


clayton is so steve zissou in that pic


please post pictures from the april 4th sonar show! it was epic! <3 <3 <3

pants james

superthuggg is back.


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