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Amanda Blank support for Santigold tour: Road Video Part 1

...Reporting live from comfort Inn outside Bozeman, Montana. Ron, Amanda, and I (along with TM Rachelle) have been up the West Coast, into Canada, and are headed for MInneapolis. This is a video of the road so far...

This is my first iMovie try, so its not the best, but was real fun to make. Need to download the new one with the time editing function to make the next one.

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omg omg i love you for this. i miss everyone. nareem and i will start our own tour called babies and jealousy. do more.


top notch chris!

Pase Rock

yo turn off your territory restrictions! I cant watch this Im in some random ass country.


yeah turn it off
I can't watch it dammnit

Pase Rock

ok I can watch in Japan whatever you did worked.


Sorry fellows. !


What song is this? I love it!

butter team

well played sir - we need more summer vids w/ ribs n' jumprope

eco mama mariah

This is fun! great to see you doing other mediums, suits you well, esp the jump rope. hahaha


It was rad meeting Amanda, Devlin, and Darko at Sasquatch! Good times for sure. Peace! -Ande


the tour bus is looking noiiice


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