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Causes 2 Release and The Tim&Eric Remix we did

Ghostdad and I did this remix for Adult Swim's Tim&Eric. It got turned down because it was "a cover and not a remix". It really was a cover I guess, as the always impressive Sylvia Gordon re-sung the whole tune and flipped the gender script on T&E's "Petite Feet".

We were told to make it a "remix". Soooooooo, I inserted a few vocal sprinkles of T&E and still they were not happy . (I must admit this revision=sloppy/snarky, but it was kind of a SMFD move anyway, as Sylvia killed the track and I figured that a marketing douche was behind the requests). We were about to give the song, and the Dub version (epic Ghostdad piano riffs), away on this weblog, but we found a home for it.

A strange place for a lighthearted song about men with small feet, it will come out tomorrow on Waxplotation's Causes 2 CD. All the songs on the album were donated by the artists and the proceeds go to efforts to ease the conflict in Darfur. We were happy to donate this project. We hope it helps. We hope all the conflicts that continue to fuck up people's lives get the attention they deserve.

Petite Feet (Devlin&Ghostdad RMX feat.Sylvia Gordon) - Tim&Eric

Additional production: XXXchange
Bass: Eric Fatts

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the song is awesome - but none of the guest tracks on the tim and eric album are remixes - they're all covers. so, what's the deal?


it's like all the time when you see somethig good, some take the best material and make many remix, of course this is a perfect example of this activity.

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