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Reggae Two Shot Flavorheard Edition

Had the Whiskey Barons (aka 2/3 of Flavorheard) on Mofo Radio last Wednesday (audio coming soon) and Ben aka Amphibious dropped some reggae jules at the 11 o'clock hour, two of which he has graciously shared with us here:

Burning Spear - FoggyRoad.mp3 "One of his very early joints when he was
with studio one."

Justin Hinds - Carry Go Bring Come "He did a bunch of versions of this song ranging from like 70 to 130 bpm's, this ones kind of in the middle and real nice and I love it."

To get extra irie with Amphibious check out the latest edition of Flavorheard Radio curated by the man himself. So says the man:

"...It's an all vinyl exploration of some of my favorite rocksteady & reggae tunes from the 60's & 70's (with one 80's exception)...lots of original presses but not all of em."

Bring it on dude!


Peep all those links for the serious lowdown on these guy Flavorheard are the business around here! Still owe some back logged two shots so I'll find a way to catch up and then keep these consistent although probably not weekly. For now enjoy!

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Silent Partner

so it was Ben dropping that Jungle Lion on us? huh.. who knew...


this FLAVORHEARD VOL 4 just changed my life.

not an exaggeration



Thanks again for all the music guys.


Audio from the whole radio program is not up at

not just reggae more amazing stuff check it out!


glad y'all like the mix! thanks ghostdad for havin us!


hi... just dropping by!


Yow fullyfitted,

Just found your blog. Please keep up the good work.

Respect and one love from Amsterdam.


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