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Fundraiser for Kon

Unfortunate news about local legend DJ Kon. We sincerely wish him well with what are hopefully the final stages of his recovery at home after getting out of the hospital a few weeks ago. The fundraiser is going down this Monday at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge. Lots of great local DJ's and AMIR will be there too. From the facebook invite:

In case you didn't know already, every Boston DJ's favorite DJ has been in and out of the hospital and unable to play his gigs for the last few weeks. Since Kon DJs for a living NO GIGS = NO INCOME!! A few of us have already donated money from gigs to Kon, but now it's time for everyone to step up for a great DJ and an even better friend...

$10 SUGGESTED DONATION EVERY PENNY GOES TO KON + you get to hear Kon inspired music from Amir, Supreme One, 7L, Ms Thang, Gucci Vuiton & Soul Clap!!!

If you cannot attend or want to donate more money you can send via paypal to djmsthang at gmail.

Just added :::: Amir from Waxpoetics/ Kon& Amir/ King of digging

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