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Totally Take-Out!


Ended up in Albany, New York today on our travels. While pulling into our hotel, we saw a tiny hand drawn sign for "Totally Take-Out BBQ" and decided it was probably a good look. Low and behold, we find this flat bed truck with two dudes just tossing chickens on a large outside grill, with what looked like the big rubber gloves fishermen use to handle crabs. They inform us to go over to the building on our right and it ends up being a fundraiser inside a church. The purchase of a $10 Adult coupon gets you a large half chicken meal with corn on the cob, baked potato, bun and choice of dessert pie! One of the old ladies even went into the back and brought us out a whole stick of butter.





Oh yeah, I also found this sweet deal on a used Midi Controller over in New Jersey at the world's WORST Guitar Center!


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Human pyramid video from Cleveland?

Ryan D.

chris you look like a hippy rapist from the future.


Brooks ain´t no joke. I went to school up by Cooperstown and always return when I see my ppl up by there


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