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Gooootentag The Van (tour vehicle #6)

Listened to a mix from Brian Degraw & Oliver Payne...

With tomorrow being a pretty big day here in Berlin maybe its a good idea to post something about Berlin...Watched the first part of this documentary in the van as well. Its pretty awesome. (Keeping your internet tabs open after you have loaded stuff is a great way to take video from the web on the road with you, thanks Darkie D) Thanks for the video 'ol @cullenstalin

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If you have any free time in Berlin, you HAVE to have some orange flavored hot chocolate from here:
Kakao Cafe Bar
Dunckerstra├če 10
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

It's delicious! Ja!


Damn . Didn't get the chocolat├ł.!And all this krautrock is from the west of Germany


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