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Sober and Ghostdad get Freestlyed

While Sober was in town to play Shake Em Down one month ago we lived the Jamaica Plain life and strolled around town drinking coffee and eating sandwiches. We popped into the local Goodwill and stumbled upon one of the biggest grips of old freestyle and dance records I've ever seen in a thrift store at one time (photo of the holy moment). Definitely dropped off by a DJ, and I suspect I know where they came from having met up with a dude in my neighborhood who was sitting on tons of that stuff. Will and I both picked up some cuts and when we got back to the lab mixed this little tape together on the fly making it sort of a freestyled freestyle mix. Didn't come out half bad. Some standard sounding stuff along with some weird tunes on here. Still gathering track info but we'll post it in the comments when we've picked back through our piles to remember what we played. Props to Sobs for the mix skillz and ill graphic!


Ghostdad and Sober - Freestyled

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I think we got em all:

Intro: Roxie & Pepe Luis - "Victims Of Love"
1. Paul Hardcastle - "King Tut"
2. Pretty Poison - "Catch Me I'm Falling" (12' Mix)
3. Raww - "Don't You Try It" (Dub Version)
4.Shannon - "My Heart's Divided"
5. Passion Play - "Baby Can't You See" (Dub Mix)
6. Sha-René - "Love Affair "
7. MKG - "Tears Sheck" (shed the dub tear mix)
8. Hotline - "Rock This House" (Dub Mix)

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