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Whiskey Barons Edits pt. 3

Numero tres. The hits keep coming! Take it away Barons!

ALRIGHT time for the third edition, back to that global flavor this
time hitting up Ghana & Brazil!

This track needs no introduction really, most of y'all know the
original and if you don't time to get familiar! Super heavy drums
that have been bassed up real heavy, and I pushed that vocal break way
back cause it's just so much better when you have to wait for it!

Sergio Mendes - magalenha (whiskey barons edit)


This is a track I tried and tried to play out in it's original form,
which is amazing, but it would never go over like I thought it should,
it was really just the lack of strong drums and a low end thump that
was holding it back, I provided those and now it's been killing for
me. The chorus in this is one of my all time favorites

Ghedu Blay Ambolley - this hustlin world (whiskey barons edit)

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There's a live at home on deck. Stay tuned!

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silent partner

whoa it's like Christmas around here

Ryan D.

Props on providing more mp3s these days, dudes.


we need some more FROM YOU DUDE!


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