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well just double post i guess but it doesn't have the same ring does it.
first up here's a new mix from our good buddy roger yamaha in tokyo called "house of roger" as you might expect, there's some house music on there.

ALSO my remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg's "time of the assassins" is up on beatport and probably elsewhere too. big shout out to ghostdad for helping me out on this one

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yo, lovin the Gainsbourg remix. what's up with your remix of Solange's Sandcastle Disco!??! Not even that into Solange but that remix you did is fucking gnarly, I've been trying to find & buy it for literally like a year now (I heard you play it on Ronson's Authentic Shit show). I've seen other remixes around the net but they are all cheese-house, I'm tryin to cop that remix with the XXXchange crazy ass synth line... help me out!


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