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Anglo-Latino Wild West Surf

I was getting songs together for a show this past weekend. It was The Kominas,of Islam Punk fame, and Sunny Ali and the Kid (really great) with special guests. I was to be the in between DJ guy, so I gathered up a bunch of garage, punk, post punk, ska and psych tunes to fit the vibe. If I could DJ that shit till I died, and not too much else, I'd be OK with that, but I digress...

In going through records, Mp3s, and blogz, I found this old Surf Compilation I bought a few years ago...and since alot of surf is pretty much garage (no UK prefix) and alot of times has cool intros, I thought it was a good fit as well.

Here's one from the Nocturnes off that comp. It's spacey and weird. The short bio on the band is cool and the whole compilation is pretty nice.

Journey To The Stars - Nocturnes

me and my board last summer :

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