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Church Sale Record Digs

This past holiday weekend I went back to the place I started buying weird records as a kid. This massive church sale in my home town is pretty much endless piles of clothes, records, electronics, and housewares packed into the the bottom floors of the local Methodist. Record piles have been slimming out in favor of VHS tapes and CD's over the years but still managed to grab a few choice pieces.

Religious music and sermon test pressings:

Useful 12"s and flute prog:

Ethnic music and filmstrip soundtracks:

All in all a good trip. And of course a chance to hear Sir Anthony:

sir anthony

Sir Anthony runs the music sales. He keeps a close eye on the classical section and performs a program of material from the stacks. He's an odd guys, sometimes speaks with a transelvania accent, but his tenor game in on point. Wouldn't be summer in a stuffy church basement without him. Merry Christmas in July everyone:

Sir Anthony by Ghostdad

I'll be putting in a guest spot over at WFMU with Bennett next week so stay tuned to hear some of the above cuts and then some.

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