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in case you haven't been by in a few...

This is a new video/commercial/video/thing by Ghostdad for ‘ReleaseRPM’ … The song is the lead single from our (WIN WIN) record due out in FEB. on Vice. It features Lizzie Bougatsos of the grupo Gang Gang Dance. The vocals where originally recorded for another song on the record. Its a pretty heavy dance song called ‘Not Too Late’ with a vocal sample and a SICK Casio SK-1 dog yelp. After trying to get the vocals to fit without much luck, we went back to the drawing board and figured out some new parts, and in turn a new song. ’Release RPM’ is the result.

PS: Father Ghost is about to release the next installment of his video "ads" for the record in the next few days. He will post it here first. The music for that one is a real nice album cut worked out exclusively by xxxchange. Stay tuned...

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