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Nicky (Real-Jobs) Crabtops & His Carnitas Recipe

Its cold here in the east, so when you can leave the oven on for a few hours to make delicious food, its generally a good idea to do so. Reformed (notorious) Baltimore party boi, Nicholas Crabtops, sent this Carnitas recipe to get you started.


Braising is my favorite way to cook meat.
Start with a shoulder

Break it down to good sized chunks and remove more or less fat and connective tissue

Save the scraps and make chicharrones (do that)

Season the meat with S&P, oregano, and cumin

Brown it in batches

If I don't have any home made stock I use a mix of chicken, beef, and veg, plus a jar of salsa verde, also add and onion, garlic, bay leaves, and some chilis

Cook low and slow with a tight lid at 215 for 3-4 hours

Don't look so percky anymore

Remove the meat and bust it up with forks use some braising liquid for lube, spread it on a baking sheet and roast for 15min at 350 to crisp it up. No pics i was too excited

Saute some brussel sprouts and steame with a little bit of that lube... serve with rice.

Add cilantro, onion, avacado, and pickled jalapenos, with some warm tortillas

Buenas Noches

Questions for Crabtops? ...he is HERE

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This chef sounds really hot. Do you know how I could get in TOUCH with him?


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