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Strange Brew...

This new Knife mix is great for running/PUMPING IRON. It really sounds like a set you would have heard from Knife at Shake em Down in the old Milky Way Lounge (RIP).

When he's not DJing, Knife is busy at Goodlife keeping the working DJs of Boston employed, as well as booking out-of-towners like Scottie B, Eleven, Stretch, Assault, and Prince Paul... Good work bud. What he's not doing is posting on his ol' blog (c'mon). Thankfully Sleazy Trees is keeping the laugh quotient high OVER THERE. That's what i say, heres what Knife says...

"Hey y'all! Here's a live mix of some old and new tracks I'm feeling
right now. Special shout out to Will C from Traffic for mastering this
bad larry. Please visit when you get a chance. Thanks
for taking a listen and enjoy responsibly kids!"

Head to Souncloud to DL:
DJ Knife Presents: Strange Brew by d.j.knife

PS: If you missed Knife's Live at Home a few YEARS back dont worry the link is live...
Knife: Live at Home

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